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17 Perceptive Ways to Persuade with Modern Copywriting…

Fads and platforms come and go, but one fact endures: Copywriting is the mechanism that allows businesses to make money online.

Which means that if online sales matter to your business, copywriting is a really smart place to invest your time and attention.

This week, we offered 17 different ways you can boost the effectiveness of your copy for better business results.

On Monday, Brian Clark covered the five distinct types of prospects we attract with content marketing, and how to speak to each of them in order to further a business relationship.

This advice is more nuanced than the usual “never sell on your blog” or “always sell on your blog” … and it works a lot better than either extreme.

On Tuesday, Stefanie Flaxman dived deep into eight different business-building calls to action you can use in your copy and content. If you’ve struggled with giving your content a business purpose, this one will help you out.

And on Wednesday, I talked about four different communication and learning styles that your audience brings to your content. Knowing how to speak to the inner cat, dog, rat, or monkey within your readers will help you serve their needs … and if you’re creative, you can even combine all four styles into a single piece of content.

On Copyblogger FM, I wrapped up my three-part series on creating more ambitious content, focusing on polishing and promoting that epic blog post.

Product of the week: Persuasive Copywriting 101

Copywriting is how businesses make money on the web … and a content-driven approach is how we build loyal fan bases that keep businesses healthy.

Our Persuasive Copywriting 101 course talks about both — persuasion and relationships — for remarkable business results.

Learn more about effective, hype-free copywriting

— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Copyblogger Media

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